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This archive is managed and maintained as a public service by the Ormita Commerce Network. Ormita acts as a global clearinghouse for the trade of excess capacities, goods and services. Ormita operates from offices in 21 countries and is the world's largest multilateral reciprocal trading system, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The Company provides an efficient platform to mitigate contractual hazards which arise in imperfect capital markets and provides import and export procurement financing and low cost collateralisation for creditors. As part of its institutional financing arrangements Ormita provides efficient and low cost exchange mechanisms and solves incentive problems which would otherwise prevent trade from taking place at all, particularly in cases where paying with goods rather than money can help to overcome creditworthiness risks. Ormita's clients include governments (countertrade, offsets and switch trading), large corporations, NOG’s and media companies.

For more information about reciprocal trade, community currencies, corporate barter, offset trades or countertrade please visit any of the organisations listed below.